Minneapolis Police Attack Photographers

Here’s video of the Minneapolis Police attacking photojournalist Chad Nelson on Saturday, April 7th, as he was documenting the arrest of Occupy activists.

I have two quick questions:
1. Where are the conservatives concerned about freedom when the government actually (literally) shuts down citizen protest?
2. What’s happening when there aren’t any cameras around?

Occupy Wall Street Analysis: The Impact of Police Brutality: OWS and the Arab Spring

Santorum is a Sh#t

For anyone who thinks it ill-mannered that Internet activists have linked Rick Santorum’s name to this nauseating (really, don’t click if you are underage or have a weak stomach) and NSFW definition, head on over to the Raw Story and take a look at the video of Senator Santorum telling Occupy Tacoma that…

instead of standing here unemployed yelling at somebody, go out and get and job and work for a living

Ah, I do remember how Jesus loved to tell the poor to go f@#$ themselves.

And how do the police back up Santorum’s best Mussolini impersonation? By tasering protestors, of course. I don’t quite remember that response when the Tea Party was the media darling.

Daily Show / Colbert Report: Week in Review


On The Daily Show, the guest was Lou Dobbs. Mr. Dobbs showed himself to be all suit and no brain, as he tried to argue that the Texas redistricting found to disenfranchise minority voters was actually a case of activist judges, and he dismissed Occupy as a movement because he hasn’t seen big enough rallies yet.

On The Colbert Report, Harvard Professor Laurence Tribe spoke of having taught Constitutional Law to both Barack Obama and Chief Justice John Roberts. Of Roberts, Tribe showed wit and wisdom when he said:

I’m not sure how much I taught actually made a difference.

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Oakland Police Disciplined

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Oakland police officer John Hargraves has been suspended for 30 days because he illegally covered up the name on his uniform during police action against the Occupy activists last November. Lt. Clifford Wong was busted down to sergeant for failing to report on this illegal activity.

Two quick thoughts:
1. Why are police allowed to keep their jobs after committing crimes and cover-ups? Where are the supposed law-and-order zealots now?

2. This was only reported because it was caught on video tape. What is going on when there aren’t cameras?

Crackdown on Domestic Dissent, Part 5

Lest we let the traditional media convince us that the Occupy Movement is dead and gone, In These Times notices how most of us are quite content to allow the police force to be used in order to quiet dissent. I can’t reconcile the supposed distaste that the public has for government with our willingness to let that government drag people away for expressing their opinions in public.

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