Sunday Night Video – The Melissa Harris-Perry Show Addresses Gun Rights

On the Melissa Harris-Perry Show yesterday, the panel discussed how we went from being a society in which assault weapons were banned into one where we can’t even have a discussion about where to draw the line in what sort of weaponry can be owned by the public. I very much agree with Dorian Warren of Columbia University.

WARREN: When you have military-level fire power in civilian hands, this is what happens. This is the inevitable outcome and it will happen again and again and again unless we want to make a distinction and say we have a value around certain kinds of guns in society that nobody needs.

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Tuesday Night Video – Melissa Harris-Perry on Voter ID Laws

It’s exactly as Melissa Harris-Perry put it on Sunday:

HARRIS-PERRY: In battleground state after battleground state, Republicans are trying something new — Voter ID laws, that make the election less about who voters want, and more about which voters get to vote.

Harris-Perry is joined by attorney and columnist Ari Melber, former Pennyslvania Governor Ed Rendell, the always glorious Representative Barbara Lee, and Professor Anthea Butler.

I don’t know if it comes across as shrill when I say that Republicans don’t care about democracy unless it lines their wallets, but how else do you explain these attacks on voting rights?

Monday Night Video – Melissa Harris-Perry Advocates for Obama

Sure, I defend President Obama against the idiocies and evil of politicians such as Mitt Romney, but I’m still fairly upset with Obama for abandoning the progressive base on a wide range of popular populist issues, from eliminating the chance for a public option, to watering down the stimulus, to hiring the very same idiots who helped create the financial mess. Melissa Harris-Perry tries to address the affirmative case for re-electing Obama, noting items such as his advocacy for the poor and his support of civil rights.

Thursday Night Video – Melissa Harris-Perry on Romney the Bully

Last weekend, Melissa Harris-Perry had a panel discussion about Mitt Romney’s past as a gay-basher (whether it was conscious or not). As usual, she frames it in a smart and revealing fashion, by noting how the Romney campaign itself has been trying to convince us that their candidate has a wild-and-crazy man inside. Some additional interesting points are made about how it’s Romney’s anti-gay policy that matter more than his personal feelings toward homosexuals, and how Romney’s “allergy” to taking principled stances may stem from his dad having taken principled stances and losing Republican party support due to that.

Melissa Harris-Perry on Money in Politics

Over the weekend, The Melissa Harris-Perry Show looked at the issue of money in politics. Harris-Perry was joined by “youth engagement consultant” Jessy Tolkan, Politico’s Abby Phillip, columnist Mona Eltahawy, and former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer.

Roemer, who was running in the Republican presidential primary and is now running for the Americans Elect and Reform Party nominations, was first out of the gate:

We ought to know where the money’s coming from — full disclosure — and we ought to be concerned when it comes in overwhelming amounts from a few special interests. Washington DC is not just broken, in my opinion, it’s bought.

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Sunday Night Video – Melissa Harris-Perry Plays “Spock or Mitt Romney?”

Last week, The Melissa Harris-Perry Show played a game: who said it, Mitt Romney or Mr. Spock? While I think the show is correct that both Spock and Mittens are uneasy when it comes to emotions, I think the game was actually pretty easy, as Spock’s speech is more highly logical. As mine is not, considering that I just wrote “more highly logical.”

1. Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them.

2. I’m a normal person. I have emotions.

3. What does it mean, “exact change”?

4. I tasted a beer and tried a cigarette once, as a wayward teenager, and never did it again.

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iJustice: What to Do About Tech Company Problems and Profits

When This American Life retracted its recent episode concerning poor working conditions in factories making Chinese products, I was worried that this would mean a larger dismissal of concerns when it comes to tech companies, including Apple, using cheap and exploited labor.

The issue may remain in the news, though, given the even more recent audit of the Foxconn factory which has helped Apple generate such awesome profit margin.

Assessors found cases of employees working longer hours and more days in a row than allowed by FLA standards and Chinese law. They uncovered inconsistent health and safety policies and instances of unfair pay for overtime work.

It’s hard for me not to connect this news to the other big splash that Apple made of late — its nearly one hundred billion dollar pile o’ cash.

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