Seth Rogen on James Franco – Academy Awards Edition

Do you remember the 2010 Academy Awards? The train wreck with James Franco and Anne Hathaway? Seth Rogen was on the Howard Stern show on Monday and gave some insight into what went down.English: Seth Rogen taken by Phil Konstantin o...
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James Franco update

James Franco’s advisor at Yale has an article up at Slate about how Franco attended almost all of the required discussion sessions by video conference. This isn’t a great counterargument to Franco missing his Directing the Actor classes at NYU — which we wrote about here — and it’s still kind of creepy to have his instructors telling all on their student.

6 Observations About Freaks and Geeks

Observation #1. Freaks and Geeks found one age-appropriate actor for the younger group of kids and one age-appropriate actor for the older group of high school kids. (The fine print: John Francis Daley was 14 vs. Samm Levine and Martin Starr both at 17. Seth Rogen was 17 vs. Jason Segal at 19, James Franco at 21, and Linda Cardellini at 24.)

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James Franco vs. the Professor

The New York Post reports on an NYU instructor who claims he got fired after giving James Franco a “D” in a “Directing the Actor II” course. José Angel Santana states that Franco received the poor grade due to poor attendance, missing 12 of 14 classes. Strangely enough, no one in the story seems to be surprised that one could pass an NYU class just by showing up twice.

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