Monday Night Video – George Carlin, “Who Really Controls America”

H/t The Motley News.

Comedy and Politics with Mike Donovan and Jimmy Tingle

This appears to be one of those weeks where I try to catch up on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast, mostly by listening in the car as I drive to work and friends, and from work and friends. Oh, and I also drive to the gym.

In Episode 250, Maron returns to do a show in Boston, where he went to college and first got into comedy. There are two highlights of the show for me, one of them an Inside Comedy Moment, and the other a Political Comedy Moment.

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Comic Review: Louis CK: Live at the Beacon Theater

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Okay, so I finally got the opportunity to watch the Louis CK special that I downloaded a couple weeks ago. I went with a friend to the college where he teaches, and we viewed it using the projector in his classroom. My friend says he told his wife that they should take advantage of this more often, because most people don’t have access to such a big screen at work. “You’re right,” she told him. “Most people have it in their house.”

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