Friday Night Video – Marc Maron on the Late Show with Craig Ferguson

In Monday’s episode of WTF with Marc Maron, Maron addressed what happened during his appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last week.

MARON: Okay, so, The Craig Ferguson Show. Some of you saw it and you’re like, why the weird cut? What happened? What did you do, Maron? What did you say? It was an okay set. It was all improvised because he just came at me with whatever was going on in his mind and I reacted to it, which is fine, and then towards the end I made a mention of pornography and God. And then I said, literally, I said to the camera, I said to Craig, I said, “They’re gonna cut this. This is CBS. They’re gonna cut it.” And he said, “No, they’re not gonna cut it.” And I go, “Okay, but I think they’re gonna cut it.” And he goes, “Let’s do — let’s come back from a cut.” So we did some weird thing with our bodies that was completely improvised in the moment. I don’t even know if it had any significance relative to a cut, but we just did this weird thing and I think they cut right from where they cut out where he said they weren’t going to cut, to that weird thing. So that’s what happened. It was about God and porn. CBS didn’t want, apparently, those words mentioned too close to one another. So that’s what happened there, alright?

It’s interesting that the networks continue to regulate what one can say about religion and porn, even in a comedy context, even in a show that airs after midnight.

For your viewing question, here is the clip in question. It’s as Maron describes it — a decent sit-down that just looks a little weird at the end, as if we missed the heart of the matter.

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Lindsey Graham Admits GOP Strategy

A Slighter Shade Of Pale

We’re not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term.

G.O.P. Senator Lindsey Graham on his party

The success couldn’t last; this is true.
There’s another small problem, sir, too
With that skill you all had
Making white guys so mad:
You made lots of us angry at you.


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