Michael Cera on WTF with Marc Maron

Michael Cera was a recent guest on Marc Maron’s WTF podcast. It wasn’t one of Maron’s harder-hitting interviews and Cera seemed cognizant of that, and almost desirous of being angst-ridden in a way that, for example, stand-up comedian Todd Glass was when Glass came out on Maron’s podcast.

For his part, Maron didn’t seem to be irked by Cera’s innocence in the way that other unscarred individuals can actually provoke Maron. Perhaps it’s the new, gentler Marc Maron, buoyed by the recent news that IFC will be producing ten episodes of a TV series starring the WTF host.

Plus, Cera’s affability reveals an anxiety, one which he’s tapped very well in playing characters such as George Michael on Arrested Development and Paulie Bleeker in Juno. (I have yet to see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.)

Bob Weinstein seems to feel that, having told Cera that face-to-face.

CERA: He told me I was the most repressed person he ever met.

And in any case, I agree with Maron when he says that his hour-long interviews tend to bring out sides of the guests that aren’t easily found elsewhere.

MARON: This is the weird thing that I found about this show, that even if — whether or not you felt disappointed or not, people who assume they know who you are, or know you based on your characters, will never have heard you talk like this. So they’re gonna be like “Oh my God, he’s talking like a person.” He’s like a whole person. He’s got sisters!

CERA: It’s really different when you go on Conan, isn’t it? You just have seven minutes to try and get to the anecdote.

Speaking of which, here’s Michael Cera on Conan, in the segment he mentions on WTF.

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