Monday Night Video – Digby Takes on Tasers

Digby notes how police are using tasers against the recommended guidelines, to torture and kill, and that many of the public are cheering them on.

H/t Jay Ackroyd.

NYPD Targetted Muslim Students

Chris Hawley reports that the New York Police Department monitored Muslim students to a much greater extent than previously reported, which comes as a great surprise to everyone who mistakenly thinks that an unsupervised police force will somehow magically behave itself and not abuse its power.

The key takeaway in the article?

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Greg Kinnear on Modern Family

Remember Greg Kinnear? The guy who rose to fame on the back of Talk Soup and then scored an Oscar nomination for his role in As Good As It Gets made a guest appearance this month on the ABC sitcom Modern Family.

Greg Kinnear

Image via Wikipedia

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