Lin Part of an Overrepresented Demographic

With all the attention being paid to Jeremy Lin‘s incredible run, am I the only one thinking: What? Another point guard in the news?

Jeremy Lin

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Has the NBA ever been this full of attention-getting floor generals?

Reigning MVP Derrick Rose and assist leader Steve Nash make this the first season in NBA history to feature two point guards who own MVP trophies (unless you count the 34 minutes played in 1969-70 by Bob Cousy, who came out of retirement to team up with Oscar Robertson, whom he was coaching).

Derrick Rose #1 of the Chicago Bulls at the Ve...

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The biggest news in recent NBA trades had Deron Williams and Chris Paul finding new homes. And the Paul move brought along Chauncey Billips, who was–until then–a point guard (the only one ever to lead a team without a superstar to a modern NBA title).

English: NBA player Chris Paul answering quest...

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All-star Russell Westbrook leads all PGs in scoring. Tony Parker, also an all-star, is still going strong with the Spurs. And most observers feel Rajon Rondo has eclipsed his Big Three teammates to become the most important figure on the Celtics.

The top draft pick from last year’s draft was PG Kyrie Irving and this year’s other big debut was Ricky Rubio‘s long-anticipated arrival from Europe. Last year’s top pick? PG John Wall.

Español: Ricky Rubio en el Olímpico de Badalona

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The year before that saw flashy Brandon Jennings enter the league after stirring controversy by waiting for his NBA eligibility on an Italian team, rather than playing for a U.S. college. He finished third in the rookie of the year voting, behind PGs Tyreke Evans and Stephen Curry.

At the Bradley Center during a preseason game ...

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And when the current crop of players are all retired, it may be that the most admired active point guard will be a guy I haven’t even mentioned yet: Jason Kidd.

Jason Kidd at the free throw line.

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A seeming exception to the trend are the Lakers, whose point guard may be their least-noticed starter. And during the months-long lockout that delayed the start of the season, which player did we see the most of? Of course, it was the head of the players’ association: Laker point guard Derek Fisher.

A photo of Derek Fisher modified by SRE.K.A.L.24.

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Publisher’s note: Todd had already submitted this post hours before LeBron James was reported as stating yesterday that the NBA is “transforming into a point guard league.” Jeremy Lin was unavailable for comment.

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2 Responses to Lin Part of an Overrepresented Demographic

  1. dwillerton says:

    I responded to your comment but will drop a line here as well. What about Iverson and Nash in 2004-2005. It’s a matter of preference so to speak since Iverson won his primarily playing SG. But he was a point guard for most of his career.

  2. Todd says:

    Fair enough. Iverson’s award can be considered one that went to a point guard. I suppose that’s further evidence that point guards have become more prominent lately. (The meaning of “lately” is another matter of preference; 2004-05 feels recent to me.)

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