Sad Saturday Night Music Video – Whitney Houston Dies

Trust a comedian to tell the truth. Patton Oswalt tweeted about Whitney Houston’s death…

It might seem over-the-top for Tony Bennett to call Whitney “the greatest singer I’ve ever heard”…

…but remember how good she was?

The cause of death has not been determined as of the time of this post, but most news reports are understandably noting the singer’s struggles with drugs, as she was only 48.

It’s tempting to post a song from her breakthrough album, as that would be one great way of remembering her, but here’s a song that embodied my own mixed feelings about her. “I Will Always Love You” was way overplayed, to the point of making me switch stations on the radio back in the ’90s…and yet it’s still standing, and I wish she were as well.

So here’s Whitney live, doing great justice to a great song, written by Dolly Parton in 1973.

Sunday morning Whitney Houston update posted here.

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4 Responses to Sad Saturday Night Music Video – Whitney Houston Dies

  1. Being married to Bobby Brown from Boston, wasn’t exactly the all American family affair, as she had to go to a Massachusetts court to get her child support payments, in which he neglected to do from time to time…

    • Matthew says:

      I know some people were hoping she would recover after separating from Brown, but apparently he continued to have a negative influence even after they split.

  2. Very sad. I tripped when I logged on and saw several postings. Tragic.

  3. Sometimes the problem wins. :-/

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