Thursday Night Videos – Robyn & SNL

As the producer has again become the primary force of most pop music, the Swedes keep making an impact with their synthpop sound. Robyn has worked with the best of them, and her single “Call Your Girlfriend” also became a target for some affectionate parody by the writers at SNL.

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Jon Arbuckle Greets the New Year

How’s your 2012 going?

From Garfield Minus Garfield:

Pay Teachers, Get Results?

The London School of Economics blog has a post about teacher pay, complete with charts and findings. One of the takeaways?

Paying teachers 10 per cent more results in 5-10 per cent higher pupil performance.

It would seem common sense that paying more results in more quality, until you get to the point of waste with, say, CEOs, where higher pay just incentivizes them to pay everyone else less.

Steven Tyler In His Own Words

Steven Tyler has been in the news this past week for his engagement to his girlfriend of the past seven years, Erin Brady. There have been rumors that his family is upset about the engagement, pictures of the ring, and pictures of a shirtless Tyler strolling the sands of Hawaii.

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Be Careful What You Wish For

Todd’s comment on my post about the Iowa caucus got me thinking about what I would like to have happen in the Republican primaries, as opposed to what I suspect will actually happen. It would certainly be fun to see someone like Santorum upset the Republican establishment, and like Mike Huckabee a few years back, he might at least make a run for it. But do I actually want a tea bagger or complete right wing kook to win the Republican nomination?

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