Portrait of an Islamophobic Cheerleader

As we pause to note Victoria Jackson’s insane claim that “the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our highest positions in government,” can we remember how Jackson came to our national attention? It was by doing this on The Tonight Show in 1983.

No joke. Shame on you, Johnny Carson.

And here’s the twice-married family values Jackson in the 1988 movie Casual Sex?, which is presumably a motion picture about her doing virtuous activities in bed with Fox News. (Okay, so I haven’t actually seen it.)

Jackson has a history of highlighting the crazy that is the backbone of bigotry. Back in March, after Victoria Jackson complained that Glee showed two guys kiss, Howard Stern went on a thirteen minute tirade against Jackson and those who would restrict gay rights.

(Non-Stern fans might be surprised by his stance, including his adamant support of Planned Parenthood. Stern is much more direct than most Democratic politicians. As he delicately states it, “Abortion is legal. Live with it, you fu**s.”)

One of the dangers of perpetuating the dumb blonde stereotype is that occasionally you’ll actually come across a dumb blonde, and that one person will be taken to represent all blondes and all women. What Jackson does represent is the Tea Party engine of the Republican party, and that is not funny ha-ha.

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4 Responses to Portrait of an Islamophobic Cheerleader

  1. Todd says:

    I continue to maintain that Victoria Jackson is the greatest comic performance artist since Andy Kaufman. I mean, come on: that voice? Clearly in her standup routine and on SNL she was PLAYING a dumb blonde. What reason has she given anyone to believe that offstage it’s any less of a put on? If someone decided to create a dumb blonde character for Fox News and other venues, how would she do it any differently than what Jackson is doing? The joke is on the idiot rightwingers who really feel the way her character does–and on the lefties who get outraged.

    • Matthew says:

      Yeah, you’re not the only one to make the Kaufman connection. The description for the Howard Stern clip is “I at first thought she was a gadfly, which if she was, she would be greater than anything Andy Kaufman ever did…but this has been going on way too long.”

      But she’s not giving any evidence off-stage that this is a put-on. The Tea Party Express people who have toured with her or those who work with her on the 700 Club certainly have no idea, even when she’s off-stage. I suppose you could be right, and heck, she might have started her shallow-minded conservative Christian act before even getting into show business, back when she went to Florida Bible College.

      So she may be out-doing Colbert by embodying the parody, but that’s not the way it’s coming across to most people, although perhaps it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s conscious, as it still winds up being that parody.

  2. Todd says:

    P.S. That photo up at the top of the post is the perfect way to ridicule the dumb things coming out of “Jackson’s” mouth. Name the comedian who used that image to ridicule dumbness in her standup routine.

    • Matthew says:

      By her own admission, by the time she got on Carson she only had about six minutes of an act which basically consisted of her reciting poetry while doing a handstand. It’s possible that this was consciously developed as a critique of dumbness, but there’s no corroborating evidence, and I think it’s more likely that she discovered that this resonated with an audience, and then found out that TV producers like to show women showing their underwear.

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