Louis CK Extra

Can’t get enough Louis CK after my recent post?

I recommend two quick fixes.

1. Louis CK meets Hall…or is it Oates?…and is teased mercilessly by Ricky Gervais, and responds by giving comedy insight.

2. Louis CK in conversation with Marc Maron. It’s episodes 111 & 112 of Maron’s gripping podcast WTF.

After months of false starts, Marc finally tracks down his old friend Louis. Louis is at the top of his game today, but he and Marc recall the days when they were both struggling young comics in Boston, when Louis was getting rejected by SNL, and when his movie was being taken away from him by a Hollywood studio.

Democrats Refuse to Press Tax Advantage

Talking Points Memo reports that the Senate Democrats have caved once again, allowing the Republicans to force a vote on the Keystone XL pipeline. Supposedly this was in exchange for an extension of payroll tax cuts, but does anyone actually believe that the Republicans would let those expire? Occam’s Razor would lead us to believe that the Democrats are not actually interested in pressing any political advantage in the tax debate.

The Democrats at work:

Etta James Seriously Ill

The Riverside Press-Enterprise reports that Blues legend Etta James is terminally ill. I’d like to let her speak — that is, sing — for herself.

Here’s YouTube audio of Etta James singing the exquisite “I’d Rather Go Blind.”

Republicans Love (Testing for) Drugs

Huffington Post has an article up regarding the Republicans’ zeal for testing the unemployed for drugs. Of course they don’t actually believe that there are evil dope fiends chuckling as they suck up government money. It’s all about casting aspersions, and associating the unemployed with the evil of druggies.

In the Republican world, rules are for other people, and the more, the better. It’s only for themselves that they want to cut regulation.

Britney Spears Engaged

Us Magazine is reporting that Britney Spears is engaged to her manager/boyfriend Jason Trawick. According to TMZ, Trawick made sure to ask Spears’ father for permission. Not only that, but the marriage will have to be approved by a judge. It brings out the icky infantilization of women factor that has historically been there in some (I’m not saying all!) heterosexual marriage, no matter how special Britney is. And she is.

Atrios on the Economy

The Brilliance That Is Atrios boils down the contemporary economy in a single sentence:

We’re basically in an extraction economy right now, where the real money is in finding points to siphon off all of the income that people generate.

The conclusion?

We have a hell of a lot of poor people in a country where it’s really hard and really expensive to be poor, and getting harder and more expensive every day.

Eschaton post: Make The Pie Higher

Rent-a-Reality, Lohan Beach Edition

Lainey’s Entertainment Update has a so-called “blind item” that most people are assuming refers to Lindsay Lohan:

Who was paid $15,000 in cash this week in exchange for frolicking around in her bikini on the beach?

In my earlier post, I had presumed that Lindsay was paid for the romp, as it reeked of staginess, but it’s still interesting to hear how much that sort of event costs. And it was cash for the merchandise.

She was super hard up for the cash. What are some of the things one might pay for in cash only?


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