Alec Baldwin kicked off plane

I am loving two things right now. The first is that Apple has us so bowing to their brand that we find it cute when people get thrown off planes for playing with their iToys. The second is my iPhone. Really, if I could afford first class tickets like Mr. Baldwin, I might delay my flight to finish listening to a particularly gripping Marc Maron podcast.

The Scoop – Alec Baldwin kicked off plane at Los Angeles airport

Lou Rawls

Lord, forgive me, for I was introduced to this swinging carol while sitting and sipping in a Starbucks.

Obama: Pay No Attention to What Goes On Behind the Curtain

Yes, I understand that every politician pivots when it comes time for elections, but Obama’s sudden onset of Populism indicates that he or his team believe that Populism is, you know, kind of Popular. The fact that they ignored Populism by fighting against single payer health care and by employing the same economic villains who designed the so-called financial crisis, etc. etc. etc. — well, that must mean that they don’t actually want to do what’s popular, but here’s hoping that there might be some actions to go along with his rhetoric.

TPM: Obama: ‘Make Or Break’ Time For Middle Class


The Brilliance that is Atrios

to a great degree corporate execs oppose and fight labor because that’s what their DNA was programmed with in the cloning vats. If they were concerned with saving money and maximizing shareholder value they’d cut their salaries and expense accounts and corporate jets. They’re not.

via Eschaton.

Late Night: Get Off My Internet Lawn!

A pretty good rebuff to the paranoia surrounding kids being lost to the internet.

Firedoglake: Late Night: Get Off My Internet Lawn!


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